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4 Makeup Essentials

I have nailed down a pretty simple makeup routine that would compliment anyone. Here is a little break down of the make up I probably couldn’t live without:

IT CC Cream

THE foundation. It’s light to medium coverage, color correcting and SPF all in one. I really don’t think it could get any better!! I recommend for red/pink skin tones and normal to dry! If you don’t wear SPF every single day, you need to and this foundation makes it so easy! I wear shade fair.

Anastasia Brow

If they make it, I’ve tried it. I have had the pomade, clear gel, tinted gel, thin pencil, thick pencil and the list goes on. I’ve always been happy with my Anastasia Brow products in the shade soft brown. They’re easy to use and make my brows look natural but full. If I had to pick just one, go with the brow pomade! I wear soft brown.

Tarte Bronzer

I’ve hit pan and replaced this bronzer only once in over 3 years! It lasts forever and is a great brown shade (park ave princess) that doesn’t leave you looking orange. It sets well over my foundation and is easy to blend! I have tried a few others but they don’t look as natural, so this is my fav.

Tarte Eyeshadow

I am sad writing this because my best friend got me my favorite pallet ever 5 years ago and they no longer sell it. Tarte eyeshadow is simple and easy to use if you’re looking for a simple or more challenging eye look, there is something for everyone. They have a few of my favorite shades in the entire world and I will keep searching! For now, the tartlette 2 in bloom is a good basic!

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