Amazon Pet Finds

Hi Friends! Recent life update, we have 2 doggies now! Sharing a few of my recent amazon purchases that make puppy training life a little easier and convenient.

Elevated Dog Bowl: Zion has used this since we got him and it is the perfect height for a taller dog, great storage, and easy to travel with. I bought one for Millie and she isn’t tall enough to use it just yet but we have her bowls on the ground for now!

Busy Bones: These are the perfect mix between a chewy treat and hard bone that last a good bit. They come in different sizes and flavors so both of the dogs can have them. I like to give each of them 1 when we leave the house to keep them a little occupied!

Zion’s Collar: One of my favorite dog purchases EVER. And by far the most requested puppy item from my followers. The designs of these collars are SO CUTE and so Zion! I can’t wait until Millie is big enough to pick her out one. Zi has worn his ever since we got him (1.5 years) and its in great condition and is adjustable.

Training Treats: Training a puppy is hard and these little treats make it so much easier to give positive reinforcement and reward Millie for her good behavior! I keep these little treats in my pockets anytime we go outside to work on potty training, on/off leash training, + more.

Slow Feeder: I’ve never used one of these before but they are proven to slow down your dogs eating and prevent upset tummies from eating too fast!

Pet Cleaner: My. Lifeline. Training a puppy is hard and keeping up after her is even harder. My biggest fear is having a house that smells like a dog so I use this cleaner religiously.

Cutie Dog Bed: Millie needed a small easy dog bed while she’s a puppy and something that would fit in her kennel. We went with something like this because she loves to snuggle the little walls. It’s cheap and I don’t feel bad if she chews on it a little bit!

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