At Home Dip Nails

Revel Nail is my saving grace for easy dip nails at home! Even before quarantine I preferred to do my own nails at home to save time and money! My mom and I have had a gel lamp since I was a freshman in high school and I learned to do acrylics when I was 16. Sooo when the dip trend rolled around I jumped on it. They are a lot easier than it sounds, here is a reel if you’d rather watch a how to.


  1. trim, buff, & file your nails
  2. apply step 1 of liquid to nails and dip in powder! shake excess off
  3. repeat step 2 (2 or 3 coats)
  4. apply activator to top of dip, wait 1 min to dry then buff nails to liking
  5. apply activator again and wait another 2 minutes
  6. apply top coat, wait 2 minutes, & apply again
    done 💋💋


  • Hush
  • Hottie
  • Emily
  • Vivien (clear)
  • Ensemble
  • Heaven
  • Lush

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