IT C.C. vs ELF Foundation Dupe

The IT C.C. foundation has been my tried and true for almost 2 years now. Its medium coverage, full of spf, and doesn’t dry me out! I was asked to test it against the new dupe ELF came out with and see if they were comparable! I shared a full tutorial on stories and instagram reels if you want to go back and see how the ELF cc cream is applied. After testing them both out for several days here is how they compare.

Price: This is the first factor, because I think it is the deciding one for SOO many when it comes to makeup. The IT product is $40 while the ELF is $14. I immediately felt as if the quality of the ELF didn’t even have to compare that much if it was going to be 1/3 of the price, but lets see how else it performed.

Texture/Application: The texture of the foundations are both very similar and I used a beauty blender for application. One tip I have discovered that helps me apply foundation is wetting the sponge beforehand. This method reduces the amount of product that absorbs into the beauty blender. In general, I think the texture and way the foundation went on was almost the same. If anything, the ELF was a tad thicker but not by much!

Daily Wear: How my foundation wears throughout the day is my number one factor when repurchasing it, and obviously the most important part of using it everyday. Because I prefer a light to medium coverage, you can usually already see blemishes and freckles immediately after application. However, throughout the day I want the foundation to not transfer, dry out, crack, etc. The IT rarely transfers if set with a powder, but I do find that it dries out under my eye. I think this is largely due to how dry my skin is in general but idk. The ELF version did not stay as quality throughout the day as it did immediately after application. I didn’t have much drying or cracking but overall it did rub off and fall off my skin.

Conclusion: The difference of the product isn’t big enough in comparison to price so I would recommend trying the ELF CC cream. If you purchase the ELF brand and like the consistency and coverage but need a longer wear then you can upgrade to the IT. Overall, these two foundations are still my favorite I’ve tried.

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