My Favorite Jeans

Skinny jeans are making their way out and I think I am here for it! (If you are still wearing them, I am not judging you 😉 )

I phased out skinnies a few months ago when I grabbed my first pair of cropped jeans from Loft and fell in LOVE.

I’ve rounded up a couple of my favorite pairs I have been wearing and others I am waiting to purchase!

What I LOVE:

  • The high quality thick denim feeling 
  • Loft almost always has a sale (we love a good sale)
  • The jeans are trendy and come in several different cuts/lengths
  • Whether you have 0 curves or alll the curves, you should be able to find a style that compliments you!

How they fit:

Let’s keep in mind, I’m 5’8 about 140 pounds and I owned approximately 5 Hollister skinny jeans before this LOL. At Hollister I was pretty consistently a 5 or 7 long and had no idea how to shop for jeans that weren’t juniors. Here is what I found

  • You will most likely be in a smaller number size in Women’s jeans
  • The denim will stretch a little after a few wears
  • I grabbed a 2 and a 4 and both fit me really well. The 2 is more snug and is usually the pair I go for when I want to dress up/look cuter! The 4 is a more relaxed comfortable fit of the same style that I wear with more casual looks.
  • I’m tall so I was nervy about the cropped look. However, they hit me 2 inches or so above the ankle which was the look I was going for. I can wear them with booties, sandals, or sneakers and still feel in style. (This style would for sure warrant a “is there a flood coming” comment in middle school.)

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