My Morning Routine

No two mornings ever look the exact same but I have a solid routine for how I like to start each day.

First up, the doggies. I take Zion and Millie out first thing so they can go to the bathroom and feed them so they are set for the morning. After they eat breakfast they’ll run around the house and play for hours!

Skincare 🙂 I love washing my face and doing my morning skincare routine. I will share all the details in another post!

Water. Before I drink or eat anything in the morning I down a large cup of water. This has been a habit of mine for almost a year now and it is SO good for you! There is a lot of science behind why water should be the first thing you consume in a day so you should try it out.

The never ending Inbox. Usually while I am drinking my water I will start going through my inbox. On days of work, its my work one and on days of class, it is my personal/school email. I struggle with organizing my inbox but I have gotten better with a few tricks!

Coffee! The love of my life is a good latte and making my coffee in the morning is something I have a lot of fun with. I like to try being a barista with the foam art but it never quite works out.

Supplements. This is an area I need to get better at but I am doing a lot better since the start of the year. Currently, I take magnesium oxide and an apple cider vinegar gummy daily, and occasionally throwing in vitamin C if I’m feeling under the weather.

Work or School. Usually by this time I am starting class or sitting in on virtual work meetings and it is time to get on with my day 🙂 My routine is nothing crazy special but it helps to have a few things I do every morning! I am always trying harder to add time to pray, read a motivational book, and exercise but that isn’t a daily occurrence just yet!

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