Planning in 2021

2021 is here and hopefully it is everything 2020 wasn’t. I put a poll out and asked my friends what their favorite planner is and one of them said “Anything I will actually be able to use this year” Made me chuckle a little but goodness isn’t it true? 2020 was full of unknowns and a lot of us just stopped making plans. 

I like to use my planner for daily, weekly, and monthly events so I continued to use my planner throughout 2020 and was looking to upgrade in 2021. Planners are essential to holding yourself accountable and staying true to your goals. I am not a big new year’s resolution creator, but I do frequently set small, medium, and large goals for myself and you should too.

When looking for a planner y’all are looking for something not too overwhelming with lots of room to have a flexible schedule for your weeks. Shouldn’t be too hard to find a winner right?

These were the 6 most recommended planners: 


Plum Paper


Etsy Favorite Story


Erin Condren

Each of the planners above have similar and different features. They are also all found at different price points to suit your budget! I personally have the Etsy Favorite Story Planner that my friend Rylie got me and I am so excited to get a good use out of this year! 

Cheers to 2021 being whatever we make of it!



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