Self Tanning Steps


Shaving is the first step I do in prepping my skin for a fresh tan! If you are starting with old self tan on the skin, exfoliate first to help remove the tan more evenly.


I like to gently exfoliate right after I shave in the shower. It helps remove dead skin, dirt, and oils that can prevent the tan from applying smoothly. This step is so important for hydrating the skin and helping your tan look even.

Express Tan Mousse

This is the current self tan I am using for my body and it gives me a natural glow that lasts 3-5 days. I wait until my body is dry from the shower before I apply 1 layer in circular motions all over my body. I personally don’t tan my stomach, mid back, or butt unless I will be wearing a swimsuit.

Tan Luxe Face Drops

These drops are one of the only facial tanners I trust to put on my skin. My face is a sensitive area and I do not want a self tanner that clogs pores. The tan luxe drops are light, full of hyaluronic acid, and have never broken me out. I mix the drops with my moisturizer and rub evenly in circular motions on my face and down my neck. Make sure you don’t miss your forehead line or around your lips! Avoid applying chapstick and rubbing it on your face around your lips or you will have a white ring!

Summers Eve Body Wash

I know, sounds weird. After sleeping in my spray tan I will hop in the shower and rinse my body off with this body wash to strip the smell of the fake tan. This body wash was created to balance PH and its technology removes the smell and balances the skin. I’ve really liked using it so far!


Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! This step is critical to elongate your tan and keep it looking great throughout the week. By applying lotion you can also help it fade more evenly.

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