Underarm Laser Hair Removal

I began laser several months ago at Rejuvenated Medical Spa located in Fayetteville and will never go back to shaving! The laser queen Molly knows exactly what she is doing and made my experience each month very enjoyable. Keep reading for my thoughts on your most common questions. 

Does it hurt? This is the most popular question I get when I tell people I laser my underarms. The pain is minimal and lasts no longer than 2 seconds. Most of the time the laser is on, you feel nothing or a tiny tickle. The very few times you can feel pain its similar to a short and fast zap that goes away instantly. I have no clue if this is universal or only because of my amazing experience with Molly who has been lasering for over a decade. Anywho – I have a low pain tolerance and survived so don’t be afraid!

How many times do you have to go? The recommended level of treatment can vary patient to patient. I was recommended to do 6-8 rounds of laser every 4-6 weeks. Each session of the underarms takes about 10 minutes max. I have completed 6 rounds and have been able to tell a considerable difference in my growth and turnover. The purpose of spreading out your treatments is to treat the hair during its different cycles. If you laser the same area 2 weeks apart, it will likely not be in the correct phase and will continue to grow like normal.

Should I shave before I have my first appointment? Yes! Shaving prior to laser doesn’t make the biggest difference in the effectiveness. However, if your hair is too long the laser tech will trim it to ensure the laser can reach through the hair and skin to the follicle. Also, if you have ever burnt your hair you know how smelly burnt hair is. Laser creates the same scent and you will have a more enjoyable experience the less hair you have!

Do you ever have to shave again? The answer most people want to know and really won’t until they have it done. Laser is supposed to last forever as long as you continue to get 1-2 treatments per year as maintenance. However, any changes in your body can affect your hair growth; including pregnancy, health changes, increase in stress, etc. Regardless, you will see a reduction in needing to shave once you complete a full laser treatment plan. 

What does it cost? This answer of course will never be universal. Depending on the area of you are lasering, each session can cost $100-$500 and that’s about the price range I would expect. Smaller areas like underarms, lip, and chin are usually $100 while larger areas like full legs or back are $400. Rejuvenated offers unique specials each month for different treatments so keep your eye out for ones on laser. As always, VIPS receive 20% off laser services! 

Remember, I am no expert. I am not licensed and have never been to school for laser or aesthetics. This blogs is 100% my experience and opinion! Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂 

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