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Weekend Trip to NYC

Recapping our trip to New York City last month makes me wish we were already planning a trip to go back! Wesley and I took a 2 night 3 day trip back in September. Our trip was originally scheduled for May 2020 but was canceled twice… because yeah…


Our first day in the city! We decided to ride the subway from the airport to our hotel (and the whole time) because it was much cheaper and quicker then traffic. Our hotel, The Quin, let us check in early around 11am so we could start our day. Our itinerary for the first day is below

NYC is truly the fashion capital of the world and there is SO much shopping. I loved going in to the flagship stores of some of my favorite brands. At the time we went, there were restrictions regarding to the s*ot. You are required to show proof to go inside restaurants and some tourist attractions.


We spent the day in Connecticut with our friend Will and his family. It was so fun breaking the trip up with a day in the East Coast. We took their boat out, seat by the pool, and ate dinner at their beach club!


Last day 🙁 We woke up so early and hit all of the tourist spots. I suggest mapping your stops out and figuring out what locations are near each other so you can maximize your day! We started in FiDi and finished the day off in Soho. My favorite spots were the 9/11 memorial (obviously), Starbucks Reserve, and Little Island!

We didn’t see everything, but we managed to do a lot! My tips are wear good walking shoes, zip your purse, and plan what you want to do weeks in advance! Leave your questions in the comments!

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